Kingston Council decides to increase care charges

On Tuesday 8th February the council’s Executive Committee decided to implement the proposals to increase charges for social care in Kingston, with one concession – to charge 75% of people’s available income rather than 100% as they originally proposed. This is a welcome concession but will not help those who have saved to give themselves some financial security.

But the worst part of it is that Executive appeared totally unmoved by Ali’s video presentation of life as a disabled person, the recommendations by the scrutiny panel, the written reports presented by the campaign and the contributions made by members of the campaign group at the meeting. We feel ignored, not respected.

On Tuesday 1st March the decision of the Executive was confirmed by Full Council.

2 thoughts on “Kingston Council decides to increase care charges

  1. Dear Jane – I’m afraid I can only agree with your comments. All the efforts you and your fellow campaigners put in appear to have been ignored. The Council had obviously made their minds up at the outset and have not paid any attention, or made any compromises, in regard to those who have voiced their opinions. I firmly believe that, from the outset, they had no intention of listening to any comments, feedback, suggestions from those who responded to the “Consultation” process, which in fact would appear not to have been a transparent process from the outset but a token gesture to lure people into thinking they could, in fact, make a difference to the proposals, which is not the case. The 75% charge has only been decided upon as a token gesture because of the impact of your campaign. My mother has been extremely upset by this whole process and is now at such a low ebb that she has said to us on a daily basis that “she just wants to go”! This attitude of the Council has made disabled people feel worthless and is taking everything from those who have made financial provision for their security. We feel saddened and disgusted at the future prospects for service users within the Royal Borough of Kingston.

  2. But note that we’re not defeated yet! Our battle is now going to the High Court, where we are applying for a Judicial Review of the Council’s decision. See the latest news posts for more details!

    I’m so sorry to hear of the effect all this has had on your mother – these cuts are having a cruel effect on those who already have enough to cope with!

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