Case against Kingston Council makes front page of the Informer!

‘Care charges row goes to High Court‘ reads the headline on the front page of the Kingston Informer this week, 13 May. It’s exciting to see that the Informer has seen fit to place an article about our legal action against Kingston on the front page of its Kingston edition this week. The article is reasonably accurate and I have scanned it here: Kingston Informer 13 May 2011

In the meantime, the legal application is now on hold as Kingston has asked for extra time, until 25 May, to submit their response to the Letter before claim.

2 thoughts on “Case against Kingston Council makes front page of the Informer!

  1. Dear Jane

    Following my recent comment to you, I saw the article in the Informer yesterday and wanted to, once again, thank you and all your helpers for what you have done in trying to seek justice for all those who are going to be hit hard with the Council’s cuts. It is only because of people like yourselves, and those involved with you, that the bullying Council’s are being called to task and having to justify their policies rather than just bulldozing them through. The article on the front page brings the whole matter to the fore and discredits them. We are still awaiting letters from the Council officially informing us of their proposals in regard to our individual cases but, suffice to say, we are already suffering as my mother, like everyone else, now has no designated care manager and any advice/problems etc. we have on her behalf will be put through to a Call Centre with, presumably, he usual process of having to explain the whole background to the person at the other end of the phone as the previous care manager has been moved on. She knew immediately the background to our situation and was able to offer support efficiently. Good luck and best wishes with your continuing campaign and fight on behalf of all those who are being affected with the new policies.

    Kind Regards.

    Kath Harvey

  2. The loss of designated care managers is also a major issue and one which has happened without warning or discussion. For service users who are emotionally fragile or whose cases are complex that is a disaster. I will raise this with RBK as you’re not the first person to have highlighted this problem.

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