Court application reported in Kingston Guardian 19 May

Our application for judicial review against Kingston Council’s decision to increase care charges has been reported in the Kingston Guardian this week. An early version of the report is available on the Kingston Guardian website

Kingston Guardian report 19 May 2011

Kingston Guardian report 19 May 2011

2 thoughts on “Court application reported in Kingston Guardian 19 May

  1. Just read the Guardian report. Whilst Kingston Council say they are bringing home care charges into line with residential care, they omit to say that for those people who will have to pay the full cost of their care, and who have severe disabilities, will actually be paying far MORE than the cost of residential care. They will be required to pay the full cost of their care, in addition to suffering the costs of remaining in their own home with the funding for Council Tax, electricity, gas, water rates, phone bills, spiralling food costs, costs for associated toiletries and medical equipment required. How can this be fair? People who have severe disabilities and resulting high packages of home care, coupled with having savings above the stated level, are going to be paying far more than the cost of residential care, which the Council do not seem to acknowledge. They choose to remain in their own home for many reasons. In the case of my mother, she was treated terribly in one nursing home she went to and we had to remove her. Since being in her own home, she has made far better progress as a result of suffering a severe stroke some two years ago. Her return home to familiar surroundings, with those around her to care for her, has enabled a certain sense of independence. However, the Council’s treatment of the disabled leads service users to feel they are of no significance at all, just a means of saving money when cuts could be made elsewhere before front line services are hit.

  2. Hi Kath, this is what I pointed out at a very early stage of the consultation – that people living in residential care do not have to pay for food, utility bills, home maintenance etc. The charging policy makes allowances for council tax, water rates and a few other items, but not for fuel bills, food or any other normal expenditure. You’re quite right – it is totally unfair and just shows how little thought the council has put into its decision. Let’s hope these issues also come out in the court case – but before we get to court we must wait to see how Kingston responds to the letter before claim – they’ve had about 2 or 3 more weeks to respond than would be normal!!

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