Social care users win case against Birmingham

The media have recently reported that the Birmingham case has been won by the applicants, who applied for judicial review of the council’s decision to tighten eligibility criteria and to meet only critical needs. This case is significant for us as the legal basis of the decision is the same as the legal basis of our claim against Kingston – that the council did not meet its legal duty to promote disability equality and failed to pay due regard to the effects of its decision on disabled people.

Kingston has already said that it’s waiting for the Birmingham decision to be published before it responds to our solicitor’s letter before claim. So it will be interesting to see what Kingston decides to do!

One thought on “Social care users win case against Birmingham

  1. What great news Jane! Must be very heartening to receive the decision against Birmingham Council, and will surely affect how Kingston now deals with the matter. Obviously, no-one knows what the outcome will be, but does lift everyone to see that the Council’s are accountable for their actions and are now being called to task. Many thanks for keeping us informed.

    Kind Regards.

    Kath Harvey

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