Independent living is expensive – but its value exceeds the cost

This is the 8th annual Blogging against Disablism Day but I’ve never participated before. I’m not good at these ‘special days’. I write when I want to, when I have something to say and, above all, when I can. Campaigning, advising, writing briefings, attending meetings, maintaining websites, ill-health, family responsibilities etc all take their toll, which is why I don’t blog very often.

So I was going to leave it to others to mark this day… until I watched a set of videos recently produced by Scope for their Britain Cares campaign.

Then I remembered just how angry I am about the state of social care in Britain today.

I’m angry that when social care is mentioned in the media, the focus is always on older people.

I’m angry that the Government appears to prioritise the preservation of older people’s assets above ensuring everyone gets the support they need to live independently with a good quality of life.

I’m angry that Ministers and MP’s don’t appear to understand the importance of disabled people’s human rights or what we mean by the term “independent living”.

I’m angry that the judge in the judicial review hearing on the closure of the Independent Living Fund wasn’t prepared to acknowledge the dishonest nature of the so-called consultation and decide against the Government.

I’m angry that severely disabled people, who’ve spent years working (many as entrepreneurs), employing personal assistants to enable them to contribute to society, proving each day that disability doesn’t have to mean dependence and inability, are now fearful of a future eating sandwiches, lying in bed in incontinence pads.

And I’m angry that I can’t change any of these things, any more than I can change the hardship and poverty many disabled people will be facing as a result of welfare “reform”.

But I’ve shared Scope’s videos on Twitter and Facebook – and I want all politicians, from all parties, to watch these videos and understand that independence, inclusion and equality cost money. Above all, however, I want our politicians to accept that the value of independent living – to disabled people and to an inclusive society – will always be greater than the cost.

5 thoughts on “Independent living is expensive – but its value exceeds the cost

  1. Well you’ve shown great tenacity Jane and god bless you so far our politicians are decievers owned by plutocrats otherwise known as bankers we live in a plutocracy not democracy bt the people know it not and when they awake it will be already to late bt dnt stop making a noise I beg you Jane your appreciated by many unknown to you and The Lord is not deaf or blind to your motives and your heart I hope you already know these things Jane x

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  3. Hi Jane Some interesting speakers gathering for this conference: Thanks for sharing your blog. I see I have some catching up to do as not aware of ‘Disabalism Day’ and that may be just as well… Oh dear .. Many congrats on this post Jane, I couldn’t agree more, but the links don’t seem to want to open. Perhaps I need to access origional blog to access the links? I seem to have managed to ruffle a few feathers again as I’ve invited evidence of research to collate the growing and identified problem of sick and physically disabled people, previously in good mental health, developing mental health problems due to incessant persecution by WCA medical tyranny with an alarming increase in stress disorders and clinical depression etc, etc. Please advise if you would consider having a phone chat one of these days in total confidence? Kind regards Mo Tel: 01945 589986 Mo Stewart Disability researcher Disabled veteran (WRAF) Retired healthcare professional *** The contents of this email are intended for the recipient only and may be confidential. Permission is not given for this information to be published, forwarded or distributed further. ***


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