How would cuts to Employment and Support Allowance affect you?

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Spartacus produced a briefing when the Chancellor announced his plans this summer to cut £30 per week from the benefits of people in the ESA Work Related Activity Group in order to incentivise them to return to work.

We said that cutting social security for disabled people would place the UK government in breach of its international treaty obligations under the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights as well as the UN Convention on the Rights of Disabled People. What’s more, this plan is based on the false assumption that people in the WRAG have motivational problems, rather than health or labour market barriers.

Now we welcome a parliamentary review led by Lord Low of Dalston in December to give evidence on how these proposed cuts will affect disabled people and…

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3 thoughts on “How would cuts to Employment and Support Allowance affect you?

  1. All it will do is make a life, live in more misery, colder, hungrier and list can go on. If people are struggling to make healthy foods (as to expensive) and even cheap food not that cheap. Its also no good for you.And making choices to pay a bill or heat the house or turn hot water on it goes on, its no life not even excisting just worrying how to pay bills and get shopping plus the extra bills of council tax and extra bedroom tax.
    My Father was a young boy in Germany during war and after the allies can to liberate them, the powers that be and got together and made the rations about 600 calories a day. Lots died and froze in streets my Father had to take his sledge to the fisherman who took it for one piece of fish can you understand how awful to be so hungry. Well it just reminds me of our powerful men who always choose to hurt the people who cant fight back. Genuine people being given so little money will not get them a job but will kill them from starvation

  2. Creating more death with the reduction of money for those who are too sick to work will destroy so many people, there will a massive leap in suicide because of all the stress on families, it will force suicides on those Ho are already on the other die b caus of the guilt already f let by those who rely on family to survive and they will see them selves as burdens on the family and non of us want that do we?, BUT these evil doers want it because it will save them money.

    And those who need medicines and find that they can no longer afford them, what next?, we need a vote of no confidence in the entire government or people will riot and force Cameron out.
    God help us, we need protection from those who are meant to protect us, our own government.

  3. Hi Jane. Just to let you know that I’ve put this out to the Shine membership in the hope that they can provide some good evidence. Keep up the good work.

    Regards. Pam.

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