Making benefits work for long term health conditions

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Can you take this survey to help design a better system for sickness, disability and work?

Forget lifting empty cardboard boxes or picking up pound coins from the floor.

What are the real life factors that limit or prevent you working with a long term health condition?
And what are the adjustments, or forms of support you would need to improve your chances of getting and holding down paid work?

Do you need a compulsory course in motivation building, for example? Or do you need an understanding employer who can tailor a job description to your capabilities?

An important consultation is taking place about the future of Employment Support Allowance (ESA) and the hated Work Capability Assessment (WCA) and your views are urgently needed to shape recommendations for what a better incapacity benefit and employment support should look like.

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2 thoughts on “Making benefits work for long term health conditions

  1. My one comment is why we have have to go though so so much why can’t people believe us .

    • If that’s what you want to say Shirley, then you can do so via the survey (I’m not relaying these comments to Ekklesia; I’m merely publicising the survey). In terms of the point you make, I agree to a certain extent, but no Government will agree to this because unfortunately there are some who lie in order to get benefits 😦

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