Care charging campaign responses

See below what people said during the consultation on the Council’s proposals. These responses came from people who use social care services, their families, friends and supporters, but did not have much influence on the Council!

Response from Ann Macfarlane OBE

Baroness Campbell’s response

Letter from Kath to Cllr Penny Shelton

John’s response

Ray’s response

Kath’s response

Hugh’s response

Kevin’s response

Thoughts on care charging and welfare benefits – Jane

Kay’s response

Pat’s response

John’s response: I think to increase the cost at this time is very wrong

Sheila’s response

Brian’s response

Response from concerned pensioner (pdf file)

Ali’s Response; pdf version (Ali)

Jane’s response; pdf version (Jane)

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One thought on “Care charging campaign responses

  1. On behalf of Kingston United Reformed Church, I am writing to add my voice to the many others who have expressed their deep concern at the increased charges propososed by Kingston Council for domiciliary care.

    Such increases target the borough’s most needy people, endanger their independence, run counter to the council’s excellent record in facilitating care at home for the elderly and disabled and could well result in a budgetary own goal for RBK as the new charges fuel subsequent ‘Hobson’s Choice’ demand for council-funded residential accommodation.

    I do hope that the council will reconsider these retrograde proposals.

    Vaughan James
    Church Secretary
    Kingston United Reformed Church

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