Brian’s response

As a blind person, recent proposed and actual changes across the benefits and care spectrum seem to have not been taking us into account at all. I’m 60 this year, so kind of with a foot in the older and younger camps I suppose. Certainly, back of the envelope calcs suggest that should I need care at home, my only option, assuming I’m not denied Disability Living Allowance in future, would seem to be to go outside of the personal budget scheme as savings and income would basicially mean they get an agency rate for my care, leaving me with less than buying via the more risky cash in hand type system. There are abuse and safety ramifications to this choice, and one could suggest that the council will be constructively discriminating by bringing in the current proposals, putting people at risk. I’d of course attempt to get some friends and charities to help me recruit, but those who are less forthright or assertive ccould very easily slip into abusive or other situations directly due to the policy.

You cannot simply expect people who have not been assertive to become so. Vulnerable people have a right, morally in my view, to be not disadvantaged by choosing the council to give them budgets as they have always done.