Kevin’s response

These proposed changes will be hugely damaging for disabled people. Why is it that the most vulnerable members of our community are the ones to bear such a potentially huge increase in their outgoings. This group already live with difficulties and uncertainties most people cannot imagine. For those who have been able to save and create some certainty for their future to be penalised is plain wrong. Better I spend every penny that comes in and ensure I’m constantly reliant on others?

Being a disabled person, confined to a wheelchair in my 40s I strive to be as independant as possible. The Council’s proposals would only accelerate my total reliance on care to be provided by them or others, ultimately costing significantly more than the supposed ‘savings’ their proposal would realise. Maintaining my independence is not only the right thing for me as a human being, it makes financial sense. My potential care needs are, ultimately, not ones of choice rather ones of basic survival. Why is it that RBK should seek to take advantage of my weak position and impose such a potentially significant increase?

It is clear there are significant budgetary pressures on councils but managing the budget and therefore where the most pain is felt is their choice, it is within their gift NOT to target those with the highest need least able to defend their corner. In fact that’s the very point. One of the Council’s highest priorities must be to safeguard the very group this will discriminate against. After that and the provision of truly essential services it is the remaining areas of the Council’s activity which should feel the deepest cuts, even to the point of the total removal of non-essential services.

Please RBK remember your moral and administrative duty.