Sheila’s response

This process I find abominable! There is no clarity, services are lessening and charges are heightening. I am presently thinking the cost to me means the borough is providing NOTHING and with recent personal events I haven’t the strength to go through all the mazes to establish clear answers – many, many more are the same and reversion back to bad old days WILL happen with dire effects for many.

People need the new proposals CLEARLY laid out – so they know actual proposals, actual changes, losses and the COST to them. They need to know the percentage/proportion of income/benefits they receive individually or as a household that will be taken into consideration. If you worked, earned and saved it will be no good to you as you get NO BENEFIT OR ASSISTANCE with a condition or situation. But if someone could have made provision for themselves but didn’t, and then pleads their case, they get it all – injustice wins all the time.

Apologies for the harsh line but that is what all this has driven me to – an out of character reaction! Sorry to send you my rant, GOOD LUCK!