Published Material

Major published works

Dignity and Opportunity for All: Securing the rights of disabled people in the austerity era – I was commissioned to be the lead author of this major report into the impact of austerity policies on disabled people’s enjoyment of their economic, social and cultural rights under the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD) and the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (ICESCR). The report was published in July 2014 and launched at Parliament.

Articles and media interviews

BBC News Channel interview re delay to PIP roll-out (26 October 2013)

The bedroom tax judgment has thrown up some puzzling anomalies (Guardian Comment is Free, 30 July 2013)

Here’s a chance to fight for disabled people’s mobility (Guardian Comment is Free, 18 June 2013)

Replacement of DLA by PIP (ITV News, 7 April 2013)

George Osborne parking in a disabled parking space (ITV Daybreak, 5 April 2013)

PIP – the new disability benefit – must be urgently reviewed (Guardian Society, 5 March 2013)

Proposals for a cap on care costs completely miss the point (Guardian Social Care Network, 18 February 2013)

Disabled people could have benefits cut, say campaigners (BBC News, 14 January 2013)

Taking DLA away from disabled people is a dangerous experiment (Guardian Comment is Free, 14 January 2013)

WCA – Why it’s failing people (Disability Now, 16 November 2012)

Would the integration of health and social care promote independent living? (Guardian Social Care Network, 8 November 2012)

Cuts will limit disabled people’s independence (Guardian Society, 9 October 2012)

Disability, chronic sickness and work – a reality check (Disability Rights UK blog, 9 October 2012)

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One thought on “Published Material

  1. We ( the disabled ) are rebuilding the UK’s “safety net ”
    not from sinews that no longer work , but we weave a stronger fabric with our acerbic words as we lay claim to the promises of the Equal Opportunities Act 2010 .
    Like many women I learned to stand firm over many issues of inequality and found my inner strength as I began the long road to recovery from domestic violence when I joined with women living as peace protesters under polythene at Greenham Peace Camp, Berks in the 1980’s.
    The outcome was unpredictable but after I left a year later I continued to grow and I am thankful for the inner strength which was badly needed for the health challenges
    that have developed long term .
    I have learned to be happier and healthier when I choose to include men in my life for balance.

    Miriam’s story about her endless fight to hold on to what is meant to be hers after all the hoops we are required to jump through to qualify for benefits and legal rights for disability benefits under UK ( and European ) law .
    It is exhausting just to read how hard she has tried and how many setbacks she has encountered.
    My own path through this very tortuous maze to gain any semblance of an equal life which includes for me the right to work, has shown me the importance of the Equal Opportunities Act .
    Miriam it is now time to turn to the courts for justice and recompense.
    We cannot do this on our own , there are no teams of solicitors eager to sign us up individually as is the case with ” No win ,No fee ” personal injury” claims.
    I believe that there are now so many people like myself and Miriam with valid claims for the benefits we have been denied and the inhumane treatment that we have experienced we can join together for a “class action ” claims .
    I would like to encourage other people who identify with what Miriam and I have in common, to be in this first group of disabled people in the UK who seek to bring a class action through the Courts in the UK and Europe .
    The Equality Act 2010 gives us these rights .
    Let us make sure that we lay claim to our legal rights for example the
    “Right to Choice and Control ” .which the UK government has been working to achieve with the ” Office of Disability Issues”
    .We have been promised so much by UK politicians it is time to join together and to ask our individual MP’s to ensure that we put together a “Charter of Rights for the Disabled ”

    This is a different fight but there are many similarities .
    Nelson Mandela cried
    “How long? how long ?how long ?
    must the disenfranchised wait and what more must we endure ?
    We the disabled in the United Kingdom declare that it is the right time to re design the safety net
    Lissi Virago

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