Is the tide starting to turn?

I get the feeling that the tide may be starting to turn in relation to welfare reform. This is just a gut feeling, nothing more, but I have some evidence – not that the Government is starting to  listen, yet, but that other organisations and individuals are finding their voice and that the media is starting to listen. Continue reading

We Are Spartacus campaign site

The Spartacus movement has a dedicated site and a forum for all those who are affected by or concerned about the government’s proposals on welfare reform, especially the proposal to replace Disability Living Allowance (DLA) with Personal Independent Payment.

The We Are Spartacus website at has been set up to provide an information hub for the Spartacus campaign on welfare reform. It contains all the Spartacus publications, including the original Spartacus Report and the Spartacus unofficial simplified versions of key consultation documents.

The Spartacus Forum, at provides a dedicated place for disabled people to exchange ideas on welfare issues and has dedicated areas to help people understand and respond to the key consultations on Personal Independence Payment, which is set to replace DLA from 2013.

Thousands of disabled people set to lose their Motability vehicles

The government’s current draft proposals for Personal Independence Payment (PIP), the proposed replacement for Disability Living Allowance (DLA), are likely to lead to thousands of disabled people with significant mobility difficulties having their cars repossessed, leaving them unable to go out.

I have now had a chance to read most of the DWP’s draft document ‘PIP: Assessment Thresholds and Consultation’, published on 16 January 2012 (only one day before the Lords vote on DLA/PIP!), which should be read in conjunction with ‘PIP: Second Draft of Assessment Criteria’ published in November 2011. These documents have been published to pave the way for implementation of the Welfare Reform Bill. Continue reading